Back to the Club

Having moved up to Kendal has meant that I can get back to my gaming club, the Northwest Warriors based in the beautiful Lake District. The club has been round for quite a while and was initially a Warhammer based club it has now moved with the times and plays a variety of tabletop miniature games. The warriors are well known in the Warhammer tournament community and enjoy gaming, modelling and drinking. The fun bit!. The club is held under a church and fits with the whole gothic feel of the old world of Warhammer.


Last night I played my first proper game of Age of Sigmar with my friend Paul (@thedollyblue). I played with my orcs and he used his Khorne army of death… doom.. anger… blood… rage etc. My army is definitely designed for the old game and last night showed how I need to improve it and alter my thinking for army building. Pauls army was full of big beasties and whilst I had  over 90 models Paul had around 10.


The initial start of the game saw me killing his biggest beast (ok I know none of the names here so generic beast will have to do) early on stopping Paul having any fun. This slowly changed however as his monsters got into my units and started to mash their way through. I made multiple mistakes and rolled some bad dice (I’m good at that) and eventually I was wiped out.


Now Age of Sigmar is designed to be played using scenarios and objectives so the way we played the game was wrong, however we were both learning the rules so a big mash up for good fun. Using scenario rules the game would of played completely differently. We plan to play it properly next time which may extend our game times by a little. It took a long time last night as we both flicked through the rules for each unit.

Overall I enjoyed my game and loved seeing old friends again. In the future I’ll be playing a little Malifaux and Frostgrave and possibly Bolt Action but I feel my main game will be Age of Sigmar. Until next time….


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