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Welcome to the pages of the player2cast. The podcast is currently under going changes. It is moving away from the gaming focus and we are changing to a new show… House Of Geek. Keep checking here for info.

Find us at:

The show: @HouseOfGeekShow

Ian: @le_dancingqueen

Enjoys warhammer and loves the xbox as a system. Started playing 40k in the early 2000’s and moved onto fantasy many years later. Loves first person shooters in particular Halo & older Call of Duties. Enjoys Dr Who and Star Wars as well as comics including Batman and 2000AD.

Nikki: @NicoleNerd2

New to war-gaming and board gaming but has a long love of video game RPG’s. In particular Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Is a great artist and has a new found love in painting miniatures. Loves Dr Who and Star Trek and is an avid reader who enjoys Terry Pratchett in particular and has an odd crush on Gotrek the dwarf.


Also on YouTube as ‘player2cast’

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