House of Geek

Player2cast is changing and will be no more. As of next episode we will be renamed House of Geek. It will still be the same Ian and Nikki spouting crap on nerdy topics but it means we can move from the board game focus and expand to include all of geek culture. Download the show […]

Ep 27 – Celestia

We review the wonderful mythical aircraft game Celestia in this episode and Ian gets all excited for the new Blood Bowl that’s coming out later this year. We announce the winners of the ‘Name Our House’ Twitter competition. Make sure you listen to the end. We whinge about all the movie remakes going on and […]

Back to the Club

Having moved up to Kendal has meant that I can get back to my gaming club, the Northwest Warriors based in the beautiful Lake District. The club has been round for quite a while and was initially a Warhammer based club it has now moved with the times and plays a variety of tabletop miniature games. The warriors […]

Ep 26 – Age of Sigmar

We are back and have moved to sunny Kendal up in the Lake District. This has put us behind however so apologies for the slap dash nature of this episode. In it Ian gives his initial impressions on Age of Sigmar and we tell our tales of woe whilst trying to move. Next episode will […]