Age of Wargaming

Today I finally got to try Warhammer Age of Sigmar at Games Workshop in Kendal. I was a big player of 8th edition and for various reasons hadn’t managed to get a game in of this new edition. Now I will admit I wasn’t happy when they destroyed the old world. I loved the whole […]

Missing My Co-op partner

I’m sat here writing this as a lonely gamer. My partner in crime, the love of my life, my Nikki Noodle is 4 hours away as I have moved up to our new house early. She won’t be following for a few weeks so I sit here twiddling my thumbs wondering how and if I […]

Running a podcast

Running a podcast has been an interesting and challenging task that was taken on with minimal knowledge and a very basic idea. I had been wanting to run a podcast for a while but nothing quite clicked on what to base the topic on. Also who would the hosts be and how would it all […]

Ep 25 – Tabletop Gaming Magazine

A slightly late show but we are out. Due to time constraints no actual game review but we do look at the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine and also tell you how you can win a copy. We are taking a short break due to real life issues but we will be back before […]

The Box

Ian’s Thoughts: What would a game be without a box? A mass of bits and bobs thrown in a bag causing confusion and grief to a gaming night. The box is what binds it all together and gets us initially excited to play. It’s the first thing we see sat on a shop display, the […]

Ep 24 – Ticket to Ride UK

Here we are we are 1 year old and with the release of episode 24 we see a new feel to the show. We have re-arranged the running order and altered the way we review games. We aren’t so sure on this yet so please feedback your thoughts. We review Ticket to Ride UK edition […]

Love Letter Video Play Through

As a podcast we have decided we want to expand a little, try a few new things and YouTube videos seem the next sensible step. We have however got a LOT to learn in this area so as they say practise makes perfect. Today we recorded a Love Letter play through so we can get […]